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living life in GOD'S TIMING bookended lost imagineer is found gives each one of us our own memory bubble our touch upon

2016-08-30 12:30:43 by DeeDeeMcGovern

memory bubble side by side though decades aapart a mom and daughter from been there lived through it a history line moves us forward living family in nine years half time we learn new beginnings we learn as a child... from family world...... God brings parents together wherever they are out in natural happenchance order.


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2016-08-30 12:35:43

College alone is one egg in basket matching growing up in home isolated from real life world though a princess upbringing unrushed as family turns one vacation gathered then kids are off in adult terrain. Moments in time missed unless enterpereurer artists where my grandpa had been in 1950s so we can not go back in rime. To me 4 d is heaven surrounded by God's time for eternity now I get to live in my own life bubble where books meet artists and table top TV studios give us interactive cartoons and movies while LIFE spins another block with the past.